I Can Help You Create A Love Life That Matters

Hi, I’m Carol Fulwiler Jones.  For over 35 years I’ve worked as a licensed couples therapist helping men and women in my private practice learn how to successfully date and find healthy, loving partners.

Today, I’m happy to say that my unique methods, once only available in my private practice, are now available to you. I specialize in coaching men and women over 40 in San Francisco who want to meet, attract, and date people worthy of their time.

Unlike many other dating coaches:

  • I have a Masters degree in Counseling
  • I was in a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • I completed 5 years of post-graduate training in couples therapy
  • I am a sex therapist
  • I have spent my professional career counseling with thousands of couples and reading, studying, and attending workshops to learn what makes over 40 dating and relationships work, how couples can communicate effectively, and what skills are needed for a long term, fulfilling relationship.

I Can Help You Overcome These Common Obstacles 

Does fear and disappointment stop you from dating?

You’re over 40 and ready to find love. May have kids. Been out of the dating world for years and have fears and hesitations about jumping back in. Been dating for years with no luck and too many disappointments. The lack of experience or success often keeps you in a state of paralysis and prevents you from having the confidence and know-how to begin dating successfully.

Are your expectations unrealistically high?

We all do it –  we create a list of “must haves”. He has to be this tall or this educated. She has to be this thin or this successful. Everyone wants to date a “10”. Pretty soon nobody fits your criteria and you find yourself in a perpetual cycle of one-and-done first dates. Over 40 dating begins to constrict your choices. Over 50 dating narrows them further.

Do you create excuses to remain unavailable?

You settle into busy routines that prevent you from meeting worthy people: work, exercise, dinner, tv, computer, sleep. It’s possible you no longer carve out time for mature dating. You convince yourself your life is full and complete without a partner, but your heart may tell you a different story. Spending too much free time by yourself can often feel lonely.

Jump Start Your dating Life

You have nothing to lose…except love

I’m Here To Reassure You…
There’s Nothing Wrong With You
You Just Need To Change Your Approach To Dating

What if you learned my proven ways of meeting and dating over 40?

You could walk into a room and get noticed right away.  Unafraid of rejection, you could start a conversation with anyone – capturing their imagination, stirring curiosity and leave them wanting more.

You’d get a love life that matters.

As the preeminent relationship coach for 40 and 50 plus dating in the Bay Area, I will show you the art of mature dating and how to meet relationship-ready partners.

You deserve love and I will help teach you how to find it through my relationship coaching, which has been helping men and women revive their love lives for over 35 years. I will help you:

  • Develop a new dating mindset for a lasting and meaningful relationship
  • Understand what women and men want in a relationship
  • Lose your fear of rejection
  • Possess rock star confidence in any setting and always know what to say
  • Understand body language: yours and others
  • Stand out in online dating profiles
  • Enjoy dating again
Dating over 40

Each Dating Plan Is Tailored To Your Individual Needs


Here’s My 8-Step Plan To Help You Create A Love Life That Matters

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The key to getting started is getting to know you.

We’ll talk about your interests, passions, and talents so I can better understand your personality. More importantly, we’ll explore your unique preferences and discuss how you want to present yourself on dates. As your dating coach, I’ll look at everything from photos to online profiles to better understand how to get you ready to find love.

The next step is exploring your current mindset and emotions around dating.

There is nothing holding you back from love but yourself. Through a series of targeted questions, I’ll be able to identify belief systems and recurring relationship patterns that no longer work for you. By recognizing and discussing these obstacles, we begin to work on removing them and clearing the way for positive change.

Based on understanding who you are and want you want in a partner, we will define your personal goals for dating.

Then we’ll develop a plan for transforming your love life. From tips on how to compose and respond to emails that make you irresistible, to advice on personal styling and photos, to making your online profile pop, consider me your expert in designer 40+ dating.

This occurs during a series of one-to-one meetings that explore issues which have unfolded during the Self-Discovery process.

By addressing each issue in-depth, you will learn to break patterns of negative thoughts and behaviors that keep you from attracting your life partner, understand how men and women approach dating differently, and create “Aha!” moments that shift your perspective and alter your love’s path.

As we continue our work, we’ll begin to refine your image.

We’ll talk about your public persona and how to have a distinct, fashionable look. Why look ordinary when you can look extraordinary? Changing your image can change how you feel about yourself and wow the opposite sex. Sometimes a change in wardrobe, hair, or makeup can make heads turn when you enter a room.

Now that you’ve got the confidence, let’s work on your competence.

Do you know how to flirt? How to read the opposite sex’s body language and how subtle body language signals make you more appealing? Do you know how to text and email to create romantic intrigue or sexual tension? You have no idea how much fun this skill-building part is—or how effective it will be in finding the relationship you’ve been waiting for.

Now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned through a series of “practice dates.”

I can make the first steps of dating effortless and lots of fun for you. I’ll coach you through your internet dates, and we’ll make plans for you to go to various events to “organically” meet and attract all kinds of people as you master your new over 40 or over 50 dating skills.

By this time, you’re well on your way to meeting new people and having many new dating experiences.

We’ll fine tune how to pay careful attention and trust your intuition on dates. I’m committed to your success and having our work together be rewarding and life changing. I’ll be available to help troubleshoot any challenges you encounter in order to keep you on the path to Getting A Love Life That Matters.

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